A Piece of Art.

Matua Hone, doing what he does.

In my brief career as a preacher I have come to the opinion that preaching is a true art form, and sermons a piece of art.

Like most works of art, there are things that work well and things that don’t. Things that depend on the viewers’ (or listeners’) perspective and things that are just plain horrible no matter what perspective you take. This means that the act of preaching and indeed the sermons themselves become a very intimate thing, almost to the point when the sermons themselves become a piece of you and a little bit of you is weaved within the sermon.

For these reasons some preachers (this one included) can become a little bit shy about preaching and our sermons. Of course there are those for whom preaching seems to be natural. I have been blessed to witness some true masters of this art form in action, most notably the Venerable Dr. Hone Kaa, Kaumatua Priest and Mentor for scores of ministers here in Aotearoa. I am convinced that the reason Matua Hone is so at home in the pulpit is because what he preaches at Church on Sunday he is living on Monday, Matua Hone’s faith informs his action. Matua Hone isn’t always the most eloquent preacher and at times he comes very close to “the line” and may even step over it, but what Picasso or Michelangelo could do with a paint brush, Matua Hone can do with words.

In an attempt to get over my own shyness and to one become a quarter the preacher that Matua Hone is, I have decided to post my sermons here from now on. I realise that that could mean this blog is about to deteriorate into a theological wasteland, but it is pretty much already that so why not go the whole hog!

I apologise in advance for the ensuing sermons!

Kia koa, kia hari –Rejoice and be glad!

About Christopher Huriwai
I am a twenty-something, husband, student, minister, Anglican, Maori, son, brother, uncle.

2 Responses to A Piece of Art.

  1. Drian Neha Tiki says:

    Tena Koe Chris, I actually thought I was reading the beggining of a kauwhau, but realised that it was an intro to your blog. Uncle Hone was our educator minister in 1983, and he was and will always be a role model for up and coming Minister as I was then, at that time I was 20 years old, and he selected me to do a gospel reading with Rev Wall Te Ua in Invercargill, there are so many experiences and good memories during the 1980;s that he is a living legend, a trail balzer for Maoridom, through our ngati porou whakapapa we are related, but the relationship with God the Father Son and Holy Spirit is stronger, so will be looking forward to your Kauwhau. Make sure you copywright every piece of writing other wise it can be plagarised, kia kaha kia manawanui.

    Rev Adrian Lance Neha Toki.

  2. takaramaina says:

    Tēnā koe Chris,

    I kōrero tahi māua ko taku karangawhaea i tēnei wiki i taha ake nei mō Hōne Kā. E ai tāna anō he tino pūkōrero ia, kei a ia anō hoki mō te whakarawe i te kupu.

    Kua kaikā nei au ki te pānui i ō kauwhau e te hoa.

    Nā tōu hoa Moromona,

    nā Tāne

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