About The Blog

This blog is largely a place for me to vent, explore my faith and put some of my ideas out there…at least that’s what some people think…

I began this blog early in 2011 in response to a formation class I was involved in, I left it for a year, but now I am back. I aim to post at least one entry a month on a current, relevant subject. Not merely to post ramblings about that month’s headlines, but to offer a Christian (Anglican) perspective on the topic at hand. This is good for me, because I am not a naturally good writer, and stringing sentences together doesn’t come easy for me, it is a real challenge.

Like anything in life there are some rules for this space, but only 2. The golden rule is to debate issues, not people. There is no room here for personal attacks (on me or those who comment). Remember it takes a lot to put your ideas out in the open, we need to respect that. The second rule is that if you are going to comment than you must provide a (real) email address and name. If people are willing to put themselves out there then everyone else should too, its only fair. Anonymous comments will not be responded to and will be swiftly deleted.

If you want to see me preach in 3D (ie. real life) then come along to Nikora Tapu Maori Anglican Church, Gisborne, and if you are lucky enough, I just might be the rostered preacher. 🙂

Kia koa, kia hari,

The Reverend Christopher Douglas-Huriwai

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