The Ongoing Journey…

Tominika Tapu

The last few months have been an amazing experience. First of all the opportunity to take time out each day, read, reflect and share with my fellow postulants is an amazing gift and one that I am only too grateful to receive.

Over the last few months I have read on various subjects from the founding of our order, to St. Dominic himself, to Blessed Jordan of Saxony to a sermon preached in the 1200s and most recently reading the devotional book, 15 Days of Prayer with St Dominic. My Postulant class and I have also been lucky enough to be guided through somewhat of a retreat in prayer by Br. Tom Hudson, OPA. Br. Tom took us through the 9 Ways of Prayer of St. Dominic. Using and reflecting on 2 ways of prayer a week, we were guided through the 9 Ways over a month of reflection and practice.

Each week I have been challenged, and each week I feel I have grown. As I read throughout the history of the Order, its early adherents and writings from third parties, my sense of calling from God to the Anglican Order of Preachers is reinforced week by week. A very special part of this calling is the fact that it doesn’t happen in isolation. Although we are spread across the face of the earth, the intimate sense I feel whenever I receive an email from someone in the order, or whenever I log on to the Postulant blog is amazing.

As I continue to travel this road with Christ, and Dominic, I give thanks to God for this very rare opportunity, and the calling he has placed on my heart to fulfil that calling with the Anglican Order of Preachers. I thank each and every person who has contributed to, and helped me along the way, the journey isn’t over, and if truth be told it never is. This calling demands the commitment of a life long journey of reflection, prayer and study, I am only a few months in, but I am loving every moment of it.

Kia tau tonu te rangimarie,



Anglican Order of Preachers (O.P.A)

Well, we are 3 days into lent and as I scan my Facebook page I see status updates from my friends asking what they should give up for lent. I am not a fan of the ‘give up’ sort of lent, instead I advocate a ‘take up’ sort of lent, it is far better to try to create a new habit than to temporarily give up a bad one.

For me this is going to be a Lenten season full of prayer and reflection. Not just the sort of flick the switch, auto pilot type of prayer and reflection, but a deliberate, present type of prayer and reflection. It is a habit that I hope to continue after Easter. This Lenten season also has extra significance for me, it is my first as a Dominican, or more correctly an aspiring Dominican. Throughout this Lenten season I will be exploring more fully, my call to the Anglican expression of Dominican Community. I will practice Dominics nine ways of prayer as well as work through 14 Days of Prayer with St. Dominic. It isn’t a journey I take alone, but through the wonder of the internet, blogging and emails I will be just one part of a class of Postulants and seasoned Dominicans exploring spirituality and what it means to be a servant of Christ in 2011.

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