We Can Make The Heavens Rejoice

The Gospel of Luke tells us that there is rejoicing in heaven over one sinner who repents. How much more the rejoicing must be in heaven when people on earth are reconciled to one another.

Glory to God in the Highest, by He Qi

Glory to God in the Highest, by He Qi

General Synod has hardly begun here in Waitangi, but already I have experienced what I believe will be the most moving moment for me of this, the 61st Session of The General Synod/Te Hinota Whanui.

Being in the work of ministry, it is easy to forget that we ourselves often are affected by the same challenges, shortcomings and experiences as those we are ministering to, this is especially true in regards to things like reconciliation.

As a Priest, one of my functions is to reconcile people to God and indeed to one another, the thing is though, that in reconciling others, I forgot my own need for reconciliation.

Reconciliation is a funny thing. The ultimate result is release, but the only way to get to that result is to first acknowledge, and that is perhaps the hardest thing of all.

To acknowledge your need for reconciliation often means baring all, it means accepting the vulnerable state you put yourself in, and above all, it means humility.

Reconciliation at times is also about more than just the immediate people involved, often there is a community, a family behind the people involved, when this occurs, their support and love are often what enables the people immediately involved to make it through the process of reconciliation.

This week I myself was reconciled to someone. Of course, there was a process to the reconciliation, and it was hard, but the end result was release from the burden of broken relationships and the returning to a state of aroha between myself and this person.

I give thanks to God for his grace which continues to soften our hearts. I give thanks for the amazing support that was shown to me from my church whanau. I give thanks for the charitable response from the person I wronged.

I truly believe that this week there was rejoicing in heaven over two people who, through the grace of God, reconciled to one another.

If you need it, don’t let the opportunity for reconciliation pass you by. The heavenly host are waiting to rejoice with you, don’t keep them waiting too long.

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